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RAISing Relationships to a Higher Place

Christine and David made us feel so safe and comfortable. A dynamite duo.”
Christine Petrik, LCSW
David Green
Founders, The RAIS Relationship Center
We’re passionate about what we do: helping people RAIS their relationships to their highest potential, so they can live more fulfilling lives. We do this by offering a variety of Imago based workshops. Our style of presenting this transformational material is to be open and share our experience in our own marriage and partnership. We teach and guide participants in our workshops to Recognize, Accept,  Investigate, and Share themselves fully with the most significant people in their lives.  

We invite you to listen to more about The RAIS Relationship Center in our video to the left to see how we might help you enrich your relationship!
Christine & David
“Awesome experience, wish we did this years ago!”

How We Can Help

Our programs are based on the work of Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, founders of Imago Relationship International. Imago is a proven path to healthy loving; a way that fosters powerful communication and healing connection. 

Imago therapy began as a treatment for couples in committed relationship who were seeking a better way to understand and heal their ‘power struggles’ and sense of ‘disconnection.’ It was soon proven that the tools and practice of the International Imago Dialogue are helpful to not only couples, they are a relational way of improving ANY relationship.
“I never knew the answers could be so simple.”

What We Do

At The RAIS Relationship Center, we specialize in workshops for Couples, Individuals, and Organizations including: 

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For Individuals:
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